Online and blended learning is changing education. The HLC IMG_9644Symposium provides the tools you need to enhance your independent K-12 school and offer students greater opportunities. At the HLC Symposium, you will learn from national speakers and work collaboratively with an intimate group of progressive educators to develop skills, refine your ideas and bring the best of 21st century learning to your teaching—and your independent school.

About the Hybrid Learning Consortium:

IMG_9709The Hybrid Learning Consortium, founded at The Barstow School in Kansas City, Missouri, is a collective of twenty-seven US and international independent schools dedicated to creating a globalized learning community, immersing students and faculty in the 21st century digital world through online courses which offer freedom of content, collaboration and scheduling. The HLC brings together schools, teachers and students from around the world with the shared vision to provide best practices of diverse, in-depth learning. Courses create opportunities for students to develop solutions to problems facing our local and global communities. Joining HLC enables institutions to create a model for diverse course offerings wider than a single institution can support.

About the HLC Symposium:IMG_9704

The HLC Symposium was developed as a response to the unique way online learning is changing education. Online and blended learning can enhance our independent schools and our students’ opportunities. While online learning has long been present in higher education, starting a program in independent K–12 schools brings different challenges. Developed and taught well, online and blended learning can increase differentiation, ensure innovative approaches and globalize your classes.

In an intimate, small group of progressive educators, learn how to:

  • Create innovative programming
  • Bridge the divides between your classroom, the internet, and the outside world
  • Develop digital responsibility and citizenship in students and faculty
  • Explore new tools for online, blended, and on-campus classes